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Technomage Maodhog

What is a Techno-mage?

A Techno-mage is many things.

A Magician, Musician, Poet, Priest, Scientist, Engineer, Healer, Counselor.

A Techno-mage is someone that makes use of all of the Technology around him to create the Illusion of magic for the eyes of the Mundanes of the world.

It is the skillful use of the knowledge one has to create an air of Mystery and Magic.

It is the use of one's Knowledge to do task that a mundane world looks upon in wonder yet is a simple manipulation of science, math and knowledge applied.

The Mundane's world says that anything that "they" cannot do must be Magic.

P>The Techno-mage's world says: Magic is but science applied to a problem.

As Techno-magi we seek not to be of the world, but to be in it.

To experience it as a woman experiences birth.

But it also requires us to acquire tremendous amounts of Knowledge.

It is that knowledge that separates us from the Mundane world.

Why this site?

It is but vanity and such sins of the flesh that have tempted me to do this.

And as a courtesy to my Brethren of the Order of Techno-magi.

Technomage Maodhog

"All that we may see or seem, is but a dream within a dream"

Edgar Alan Poe

"Know ye the flesh is fleeting. The things men count great are nothing to us.

The things we seek are not of the body but are only the perfected state of the soul.

Long, long ago, I cast off my body. Wandered I free through the vastness of ether,

circled the angles that hold man in bondage. Know ye, O man, ye are only a spirit.

The body is nothing. The Soul is the All. Let not your body be a fetter.

Cast off the darkness and travel in Light.

Cast off your body, O man, and be free,

truly a Light that is ONE with the Light."


"Sed Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?"
("Who Watches the Watchers?")