Technomage RoseThorne

I find myself much in accord with your description of what a techno-mage many ways.
Although I follow a path that includes elements of Egyptian, Wiccan and Eastern philosophies, I have found that the elements that I absorbed into my own personal belief system were even still, based around the concept that all that is science *is* magic. I am glad that you have so eloquently put this assertion forth, as it is a cornerstone of my own system of looking at the world.

Each time I see yet another piece of technology trivialized and taken for granted, I rankle at the occurance. For indeed, I use many things of my own making in the performance of my "magickal" workings. I have used such technology as opto-electric-relays I've made to actuate remote FX across the room, activated by a, yes...a laser mounted on a ring. I've always been fascinated by seeing a magickal effect in a film, for example, and diving into the creative process of "How would I make this *real*, and not just something on-screen? For are these creations, magical in themselves, not also conjurations of the human mind?

I refer to the other quote of the fictitious "Elric", from Babylon 5's "Geometry of Shadows" episode, when he answered Sheridan's query as to whether something was magic or not...and said something that rang *so* true:

"Perhaps it *is* magic...manifested by the human heart."

Magic is indeed you all forms, and not just *some*. For that is what I have been trying to convey to others who follow a Wiccan or otherwise pagan path: That if you worship natural forces, or at least honor them, how can you *not* honor the shine of a laser across a sensor, which actuates a relay, which in turn operates a device constructed to lick a flame across a crucible of prepared flash powder? (My "Athanor Lamp").

It is only too obvious that science is itself, magick...for those who have eyes to see this.