Technomage Epsilon

All begins with the principle that everyone should be doing, what he/she wishes and do that freely. However, in today's world, the development of new techology and the (potentially) creative people are controlled by (big) corporations, who naturally only seek the profit.

This is of course bad thing, because it slows down the progress not only in the field of Hi-tech but in the fields of other technology as well. More importantly, it makes creative people slaves and makes them typists.

Where are all the new innovations? Where are all the little improvements for our everyday life? Even now we DO have the technology to do "magic", but it seems that most people think there is only one way to use this technology.

In my opinion, one equipped with a soldering-iron, some knowledge about the stuff he/she is playing with and lots of imaginativity, one can REALLY do miracles.

This means either having a special way of thinking ( aKa hacker mindset ) or developing one. Sadly, it may not yet be acceptable by the Mass, or at least they will regard you as geek. Or worse.

Technomages are the people who do the MAGIC. They are people who are not so concerned about public opinion.

I am not strifing for any radicalism here, however; I do not necessarily mean, that a Technomage should be dressed in a black robe or be wearing a matrix-like outfit. ( Though is there any reason why (any)one shouldn't?:)

Technomage is shortly a "real world hacker". A person, who does not just play inside his/her computer, but has found a way to use his/her skills for his/her own advantage.

As for the the aims of the guild, they should be mainly sharing information/ideas/applications...